After over two decades providing legal services to companies in the fashion industry, we understand that having expert advice is a competitive advantage for your business.

Our team has extensive knowledge of the details and challenges of companies who work in fashion and fashion markets, which means that we can offer a cross-disciplinary, comprehensive and highly specialised legal services.

We are able to guide retail companies through all industry processes, from manufacturing to sales, including imports and marketing across all channels: company-owned stores, multi-brand retail outlets, franchising and online sales.

We offer our experience in:

  • Negotiation of the implementation of different sales channels; multi-brand, wholesale, franchises, department stores and outlets.
  • The end-to-end legal process involved in opening new stores.
  • Protection of your most valuable assets: your brand and your designs.
  • Management of employment issues, with special emphasis on the hiring of designers and technical staff.
  • Negotiation of logistic agreements.
  • Compliance with Spanish and European consumer, advertising and product labelling regulations.
  • And, of course, everything related to online sales.


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